Netherlands Overrun with Tourists

Netherlands Overrun with Tourists

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions says that their tourist numbers reached 18 million in 2017, and is expected to rise to anywhere between 29 and 42 million by the year 2030. Due to such a high numbers of visitors, they are starting to rethink their strategy, and are no longer promoting inbound travel. They need to concentrate on handling their record breaking stream of tourists. They expressed in their perspective 2030 report, “To date, the Dutch government and hospitality industry has focused primarily on promoting destination Holland to draw more visitors”.

The board is now trying to attract their tourists to different locations in Holland wherever they can. They said that they would need to highlight lesser known areas, in addition to evolving their appeal as well as creating an entirely new appeal in order to accomplish their goal. The report stated, “To achieve this, we need to improve the current offering and develop a new offering, as well as put the spotlight on unknown areas. By distributing future visitors more evenly across Holland, more regions and locals will benefit from the value of visits”. One of their main objectives is to entice tourists to find interest in more than just Amsterdam and the famous tulip gardens. They’re looking to make sure that tourism benefits every Dutch citizen.

They’re also hoping that they can bring in a higher class of tourists who aren’t solely interested in Amsterdam’s red-light district or their easy-going views on cannabis. They estimate that this is the main attraction for roughly a third of the country’s tourists. To make matters worse, Amsterdam also happens to be a well known port commonly used for ocean and river cruises. Early on in the year, they instilled a tax of $9 for each passenger coming from an ocean ship.

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