Youtube’s new six-second ad format

Youtube’s new six-second ad format

In 2016 Youtube launched the six-second Bumper ad that can’t be skipped, giving you no option but to sit through the ad and wait until you get to watch your video. They have now come up with a new concept where their “Bumper Machine” automatically creates a six-second version of a longer ad.

How does it work?

Debbie Weinstein, the vice president of Google owned Youtube, said that advertisers were concerned whether they could adequately express their message in just six seconds. The program will scan through long ads and pick out specific elements to include in the shortened version. It looks for things like products and logos, points that concentrate on real people, and sections containing voice-overs. According to Weinstein, the ad always ends with a final call to action in the last couple seconds. “You’ll get three to four executions, the best guesses the machine is going to make,” she commented. “A human is going to go through and decide which of the three or four is best, or decide all of them are great, or do some light editing on top of that.”

Who is this aimed at?

Weinstein stated, “We learned over time that creatives love constraints. They’ve historically been constrained to 30 seconds, and then 15 seconds, and constrained by whatever dimensions of a particular media format.” Certain advertisers may use it as a simple teaser for their longer ads, while other smaller advertisers might just see it as an opportunity to save time and energy. Bigger brands might view this ad format as a way to inspire a deeper campaign, or to simply filter out all the unnecessary extras that isn’t really needed to get their message across. As of right now, Bumper Machine is being alpha tested, but after it has gone through beta tests it will be available.

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