18 year old soccer player dropped from his club after stealing $76,000 watch


Olympique Gymnaste Club (OGC) Nice, a prime football club in France has kicked one of its teen players after he stole a $76,000 watch from a team member. 18 year old Lamine Diaby-Fadiga confessed to snatching the watch of his fellow footballer, Kasper Dolberg. The watch was taken from the dressing room of the club in mid-September. Diaby-Fadiga says that he probably did it partly because he was jealous.

The club made a statement saying, “Above and beyond all sporting and financial consideration, OGC Nice cannot and will not accept such behavior that betrays the confidence that unites all the club’s employees and all the members of the Rouge et Noir family”.

“My age excuses nothing”

Diaby-Fadiga claims that a long-standing injury and a red card he received upon returning to the game, had a distinct negative impact on his state of mind.

“My difficult situation contrasted starkly the success and aura of Kasper, my teammate,” Diaby-Fadiga expressed on Instagram. “I took it out on him without having any reason to do so, maybe a bit because of jealousy. Instead of trying to battle on the pitch to provide him with competition for places, I reacted stupidly towards him. My actions were not taken out of an appetite to gain something from it, but out of disappointment, frustration, and feeling discredited. Of course, I am only 18, but my age excuses nothing. I also took on the responsibility of reimbursing my teammate fully, which I have now done. I wish him a lot of success at OGC Nice and in his career. Maybe one day we will come across each other on a pitch and this affair will be merely a bad memory.”

The young soccer star had been with OGC Nice from when he was 14 years old. His first appearance was at the age of 16, with an additional seven appearance for the club after that.

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