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Whether you’re jet-setting weekly, or you’re only flying intermittently, or you just want to ensure that you get to sit next to your loved ones on your flight, 1Checkin is the app for you. Users can check-in automatically the minute online check-in opens at your relative airline. Seating choices can be made by using a seat assignment strategy.

What’s so great about it?

The moment your flight has been booked, you can send your booking confirmation to flights@1check-in where your data, including flight information, will be processed automatically and shown as an upcoming flight. A passenger profile is initiated for anyone using 1Checkin for the first time, where you can finalize your profile data with important info like passport and frequent flyer details.

A passenger card is made for every individual person where a booking involves multiple passengers, and every passenger on that booking will get to check-in together. They’ll also be able to sit together provided that seat availability on your flight is accommodating. The initial few check-ins won’t cost you anything, but after that, users can buy more check-ins at a much smaller price than what travel agencies would require for their check-in service – typically between $4 to $7 for each booking. Also, subscribing to the 1Checkin premium option will give you endless check-ins, plus a whole lot of other valuable features to make your experience simpler and more convenient.

Usually online check-in can be frustrating as it occasionally opens at awkward times, it’s easy for it to slip your mind, and it can be a hassle having to make sure that you always have your booking information available. 1Checkin solves all these problems. It integrates several check-in interactions and airline applications into just one app. It’s a particularly conventional tool for business passengers who tend to fly more than once a week. Users have the option of having their boarding pass emailed to them, or alternatively, they can download it whenever they choose.

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