24-year-old man from Milwaukee wins 768 million dollars

manuel franco lottery

He screamed and shouted as he realized the profit: Milwaukee’s Manuel Franco is nearly a half a billion dollars richer than before. He could have had much more – but for one reason he decided differently.

Manuel Franco from Milwaukee said that he had been shouting for five or ten minutes just when he realized he was holding the winning ticket for the third largest jackpot in US lottery history. Ultimately, however, he did not want to accept this maximum payout, which will be evenly paid out for 29 years, but rather take a sum of 477 million dollars in cash, which he gets immediately.

The 24-year-old had bought the ticket for the draw on 27 March at a gas station in New Berlin, which now also gets $100,000.

Under the laws in the State of Wisconsin, Franco was not allowed to remain anonymous and had to give a public press conference. Immediately thereafter, two members of the Wisconsin Parliament introduced a law that would allow lottery winners to be anonymous in the future. Too late for Franco. He will hopefully be able to get over it thanks to the million-dollar consolation.

He said that he had quit his job on the second day after winning and wanted to donate part of the money. Franco also said that he plans to help his parents, and pay the education fees of some family members.

“I really just wanted to travel the world and stuff like that,” he said. “I’m not a big guy that’s going to go buy fancy stuff like, well of course I might go buy fancy stuff, but nothing too big.”

He was also aware that now some people would come to him and ask him for money.

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