40K without power after severe storms

After Nashville and the rest of Middle Tennessee was hit by severe storms on Friday, over forty thousand people were left without power. Currently, there’s still quite a number of people without any power.

The storms that ripped through the state last Friday prompted tornado warnings and thunderstorm warnings. The city had been setting up for their Pride Festival happening in downtown Nashville, and many of the tents were thrown around and destroyed.

The following statement was released by Nashville Electric Service following the storms:

“The storms that moved through Middle Tennessee this evening have caused widespread damage throughout our service territory.  The winds caused trees and power lines to fall, and currently, we have approximately 40,000 without power. Crews will continue working through the night until all power is restored. Due to the widespread damage, repairs will take some time. We ask for your patience as we work to restore power. Do not go near downed power lines. If you see a downed line, call 911. If you need to report a power outage, call 615-234-000, text “OUT” to 637797 if you have registered for text message service, or go to our website nespower.com if you have signed up for an online account.”

Electric companies are still working to restore power to all those in Nashville, including Gallatin Department of Electricity and Dickson Electric who released their own statement:

“Over 11,000 customers are now out- outages are spread all over the service map (as pictured). We have called for additional contract crews to come assist our efforts. Once we can pick up the TVA transmission line, the majority of customers should be restored, but there will be NUMEROUS outages and several thousand customers out with extensive damage that will require crews to make repairs to restore. Many customers will experience extended outages, and we will do our best to update with more info when possible. If you or a family member is without power and dependent on electricity for life-sustaining medical equipment, please plan to make other arrangements if possible. We will do our best to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, but our system has been hit hard and our restoration efforts will last well into the weekend. Stay safe!”

People still left without power

As of Sunday, people across Middle Tennessee are still without power to their homes. Reports from Nashville Electric Service say that there’s around 3,170 customers that still don’t have power. Electric companies are still working together to do their best to restore power to all those without it.

While many still don’t have power, others are experiencing situations much worse. In Hopkinsville, there is a home that has a badly damaged roof from the high winds in the storm.

The city’s electric service hopes to have all issues with power resolved as soon as possible.

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