5G network: Is 5G really dangerous to our health?

is 5g really dangerous

It seems to take a while before 5G will be able to settle worldwide.

You also see enough troublemakers spreading the message that 5G is dangerous.

But is that really the case?

In the discussion about 5G, the successor of 4G LTE, there are a lot of different parties present.

There are people who want to see the technology appear as quickly as possible, people who are satisfied with the speed that 4G can currently offer us, people who are afraid that countries without 5G will fall behind, and then you have the people who have nothing there want to know and depict 5G as dangerous.

If you then ask the latter group of people for scientific sources and hard facts, it usually gets nasty.

Yet they are convinced that 5G is dangerous.

I have taken a closer look at the matter.

The source of fear

To begin with, I wondered where exactly the fear of 5G originated.

At first glance there are two main reasons.

Some fear that the 5G waves will be harmful, while others are mainly afraid of the manufacturer who will expand the 5G network.

You will get that second group on their horse very quickly if you say that Huawei will build the network, since “those Chinese people will build in all kinds of backdoors to get our data”.

The whole (political) issue with Huawei I will leave out for convenience.

The focus here is on the health risks and the damaging impact of the 5G waves in general.

There is already a huge amount of radiation in the air.

5g bad for health

Radiation madness

The first argument against 5G is, so to speak, in the nature of the network.

Just like 3G, 4G and 4G LTE, a 5G network creates radio waves in the air.

However, the radio waves for 5G are not the same as those for the other connections.

That is also the reason why there are so many problems with the launch for this network.

In short , we are therefore dealing with a new type of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) or – as it is sometimes called – radiation.

Radio waves are in fact no more than electric and magnetic energy waves that move through a space.

And those waves are already in abundance at the moment.

Nonetheless, radio waves and radiation often think of the life-threatening gamma radiation.

That is admittedly entirely unjustified since one radiation is not the other.

Our smartphones and all devices with wireless connections (including those old Nokia mobile phones and portable home telephones) have been sending radio waves for years.

At the moment there is already a lot of radiation floating through the air and now a new type of radiation will be added.

Is this radiation dangerous in itself or is the problem that another radiation is being thrown into the air?

The lack of concrete scientific research results is a major stumbling block in the health debate around 5G.

The concrete damage of all radiofrequency electromagnetic fields can only become clear after fifty years.

5G waves: dangerous or dangerously fast?

From a technological aspect, 5G waves are seen as dangerously fast.

They offer an enormous number of benefits for the development of new technology, but this should not, to my mind, be at the expense of nature and our health.

And that is where the shoe pinches.

Scientists have already called on several times to postpone the rollout of 5G until research has shown the concrete effects of the network.

For all the word “concrete” is important here.

Most of the studies are currently talking about the “possible” consequences of 5G.

For example, studies on radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (2G, 3G, 4G, wifi …) in general are used.

These studies have shown that this radiation is harmful to humans, animals and nature.

In November 2018, a study by the US National Toxicology Program conducted a study to map the danger of 2G and 3G.

The conclusion was that this radiation can cause various cancers and DNA damage.

Moreover, the accuracy of this study is well in line with reality, as the rats were exposed to different levels of radiation emitted and received by existing smartphones for 19 weeks.

Governments around the world are also aware of the damage caused by that radiation and therefore legal limits have been set for that radiation so that the damage is limited.

However, we have had 2G for almost 30 years and 3G for almost 20 years, but that radiation seems to be generally accepted, even though it is harmful.

However, it may be that the effects of the existing radiation will only become clear in 50 years.

There is therefore discussion about the radiation limits themselves and here scientists argue that those limits are often not strict enough.

Here too, however, they are faced with the problem that the concrete consequences can only become clear in decades.

Research on how harmful 5G waves are, is missing, but we can be pretty sure that they will not have a positive effect on our health.

5G is therefore harmful, but it is clearly not harmful enough for the technology world to stop developing and rolling out the network.

Is 5G Safe?

You are being exposed to radiation right now. It’s coming at you from both space and the soil. From water and food. Your body itself is radioactive. And you’re being exposed to microwaves and radio waves, both natural and human-made. WiFi. TV. Radio stations. Cellphones. 3G, 4G and now, 5G.


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