7 critical web design questions companies should ask their clients before starting a web design project

7 critical web design questions companies should ask their clients before starting a web design project

We usually come across articles titled, “X Questions you should ask before hiring a web design agency?” Such articles only show you one side of the picture. It talks about how businesses can hire the best web design agency but what about the other side of the coin? What questions should a web design company ask from their clients? Web design agency’s perspective! That is exactly what you are going to get after reading this article.

In this article, you will learn about questions a web design agency should ask their clients before starting a web design project.

1. What Does Your Business Do?

The first question you should ask from your clients is what does your business do? Try to develop a better understanding about their business. What business models do they follow? What processes they follow? What products and services are they offering to their customers? All these things should be highlighted on the home page of the website. Getting the answers to these questions will help you design a website that truly represent the business and reflect their brand personality. Your website is the face of your company in digital world and it should look that way too. A good example to look at is Website Design Toronto, which is created based on this philosophy. The better you understand your client business, the more closer you can get to satisfying clients.

2. What is Your Business and Website Goal?

Ask your clients about the purpose behind website development. Why do they want to achieve with their website? Inquire about their business goals as well. Once you understand their motive behind creating a website and get a better idea about their business objectives, you can create a website that help your clients achieve both their business and website goals. It can be anything from getting more leads, increase revenue, boost brand awareness or get more people to subscribe to your email newsletter. Let’s say your website goal is to increase your brand awareness, you should focus on brand building efforts and familiarizing people with your brand. Irrespective of what it is, you should focus on the goal when creating a business website for it to be a success.

3. What is The Scope of The Project?

Nothing stays static in today’s rapidly evolving business world and client requirements are no exception. Imagine your client asking you to make major changes to their website mid way during the project. You have done all the hard work and you have to start from scratch all over again. To save your web design company from such situations, it is important to clear all the scope related concerns earlier in the project.

Scope creep is one of the main reasons why projects fail and you cannot let the scope of your web design project grow out of proportion. The best way to solve this issue is to get the scope document signed by the client early in the project and tell them you won’t entertain change request later in the project. Even if you agree to make changes mid way during the project, it should be minor ones, not major ones.

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4. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Another important consideration is whom you are designing your website for? Who is the target audience? Just like when writing a speech or creating a presentation, you have to tailor it according to the target audience. In the same way, you will have to tailor your website according to the taste of your target audience. To do this, you should know their preferences, which you can easily do by analyzing their behavior and usage patterns. How will they interact with your website and in how many ways they interact with your website. Answering these questions will take you one step closer to create a website that your client and their target audience will love.

5. What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

Every business is different and has different business needs. This means that you can not create similar website for all your clients. How does each business differentiate themselves from one another? More importantly, how does your client business stand out from other competitors? Ask about their unique selling proposition which give them a clear edge over other counterparts in the industry and highlight those USPs through your website design. Focus on factors that make your client business unique and you can create a truly unique web design. The more prominent the unique selling proposition the better it is for your brand.

6. Who Are Your Competitors?

Irrespective of which industry your business operates in, you are bound to have some competitors. As a web design company, you should always ask clients about their direct and indirect competitors. This will give you an idea about what sort of businesses you are competing against so can create a web design that can surpass them all. Take a look at the websites of your competitors so you can create a website that is far better than theirs. There is nothing wrong in adopting some features and getting design cues but make sure to give it your unique touch to make it truly stand out.

7. What Features You Want In Your Website?

Last but certainly not the least is the feature set you want in your website. Think about features that allow your clients to achieve their website and business goals and include them. Ask clients about how do they want their website to look and feel. Once you know their preferences, you can include design features that can engage your audience and help them interact with the website. Avoid including features that don’t add value or have an impact on your users as it will make your website heavy and clunky.

What questions does your website design agency ask from your clients before taking up a web design project? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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