AAA survey shows that 80 percent of Americans enjoy vacationing outside of their country


According to AAA Travel research, 25 percent of Americans can be expected to embark on an international holiday within the following 18 months. Travel booking figures show that a lot of vacationers plan to head to favoured European cities in the hope of having an extraordinary experience.

“More and more travellers are looking for experiential travel opportunities and seeking ways to intimately engage with their destination, whether at home or abroad,” says Paula Twidale, AAA Travel’s Vice President. “There are many ways to do that, especially with the great American road trip remaining a beloved vacation option and for many, AAA has found that road trips are increasingly appealing to U.S travellers while overseas.”

Getting your IDP for your vacation just makes sense

The data shows that 80 percent of the United States residents that were surveyed have had a minimum of one holiday beyond U.S borders. 32 percent (nearly 80 million adults) opted to use a personal vehicle during their travels. AAA noted a 33 percent rise in sales of International Driving Permits (IDP) over the last five years.

“Travellers can easily apply for an International Driving Permit with an application accessible online or in person at AAA, whether they are a member or not,” explained Twidale. “The nominal $20 fee is a small price to pay for peace of mind while travelling overseas.”

It might involve more files to fill out, but having your IDP will offer you a sense of security whilst exploring a foreign country. An IDP is accepted in over 150 countries.

According to AAA Travel bookings, the most popular travel spot for the following year and a half include the likes of Rome, Cancun, London, Paris, Dublin, Vancouver, Barcelona, and Munich.

“Millions of Americans are making plans to travel internationally this year and next. For those who will not, AAA’s survey found that one of their top concerns is the expense,” said Twidale. “A trip out of the country doesn’t have to break your bank. There are opportunities to save, and now is the ideal time to do so. Many travel suppliers offer early payment incentives to travellers who book and pay for their trips before the end of the year. Travellers who lock in their plans now can take advantage of great cost savings.”

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