Activist Greta Thunberg sails to America on her zero emission yacht


The young climate conscious activist, Greta Thunberg, is taking off from Plymouth on her eco-friendly yacht in what might by her most formidable task to date. She will be travelling across the Atlantic over a two week period amidst the hurricane season in her solar powered yacht as she makes her way to the American continents. She will be travelling with her father, a cameraman, and a two-man crew on the Malizia II, a 6o foot zero emission racing yacht.

As well as being an epic gap year, this trip will be a venture into the primitive world of climate ignorance: first with the U.S President, Donald Trump, who has vowed to reject the Paris climate agreement, and afterwards as she heads down to South America, where Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, is directing a cascade of deforestation in the Amazon.

Between these points, Thunberg will contribute her progressively inspiring voice to appeals for greater emissions cuts at two critical global events: the Climate Action Summit on the 23rd of September held in New York, and the United Nations climate conference in December which is in Santiago.

Not everyone can see the bigger picture

The 16 year old Swedish activist won’t be entirely welcomed by everyone, as she will probably have to deal with the unfriendly attitudes of fossil fuel supporters such as Steve Milloy. Milloy – a former member of the Trump transition team – tweeted about Thunberg at the beginning of the week, dubbing the activist as “the ignorant teenage climate puppet”.

The influential teen seemed unshaken at the press conference held before she boarded the yacht.

“There’ll always be people who don’t understand or accept the science. I’ll ignore them,” said Thunberg. “Climate delayers want to shift the focus from the climate crisis to something else. I won’t worry about that. I’ll do what I need.”

Thunberg made it clear to the dozens of reporters from all over the world that her main objective is to create more awareness on the climate crisis.

“People (need to) come together and put pressure on people in power so they have to do something,” she said.

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