AHLEF offers over $1 million in scholarships


The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation recently declared that they’re offering scholarships to the combined value of $1.3 million to more than 300 students in over 30 states. This year, about 75 percent of the beneficiaries are woman, and about 45 percent are minorities.

From when AHLEF began, they have given out over $15 million in scholarships to adequate hospitality management scholars. Students who are registered in hospitality based bachelor or graduate degree programs in country-wide universities, will be eligible for the nine scholarship plans that AHLEF manages each year. The scholarships are to the value of $7,500. 1,200 applicants were assessed according to financial requirements, academic strengths, work experience, personal qualities, extracurricular involvement, and passion for the hospitality industry.

AHLEF President, Rosanna Maiette, said, “As students navigate a highly competitive job market, we’re honored to provide pathways to a lifelong career in hospitality. There’s enormous opportunity for people to excel in our industry, and it’s our job to open those doors.” She stated further that, “Providing scholarships for interested and deserving students – particularly those who might not otherwise have access to a necessary education – is a core part of our mission as we develop the next generation of hospitality leaders.”

AHLEF support

AHLEF scholarships are made possible due to the benevolent help of many contributors such as the AHLEF General Campaign, Americas Lodging Investment Summit, the AHLEF Hospitality 2000 Campaign, the National Restaurant Association, John Clifford Memorial, the AHLEF New Century Fund, Melinda Bush Mentors, Cecil B. Day Memorial, Handlery Hotels, Creighton Hotel Memorial, Joseph McInerney Scholarship, Steve Hyman’s Extended Stay Scholarship, the Asset Managers Association, the Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students, the Rama Scholarships for the American Dream Program, the Ecolab Scholarship Program, the American Express Scholarship Program, the Stephen P. Holmes Scholarship, the Incoming Freshman Scholarship, and the Opening Doors to Opportunity Scholarship, as well as many others.

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