Alcohol might not be the solution to everything, but it may be the solution to New York’s rat problem


When thinking of New York City, several iconic subjects come to mind: such as the huge pizza slices, the Brooklyn Bridge, the setting (although not the actual location) for popular 90s show, Friends, and the unavoidable encounters with feline-sized rats.

Since the city was first established, rats have been doing a substantial job of not only surviving, but thriving in one of the busiest cities in the world, a challenge that has endlessly posed difficulties for city planners.

But now, a new potential solution has been devised by Rat Trap Inc., where the rodents are lured with bait and then dropped into a bucket of alcohol.

How the new solution works

The device will be implemented in the most affected regions of Brooklyn after successful trials, according to Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President. The gadget known as Ekomille draws in the rats with food before dunking them through a trap door into a type of alcohol. Rat Trap Inc.’s President, Anthony Giaquinto said, “It knocks them out and they drown eventually”.

The rodents have to move up a ladder to get to the food on the device, at that stage they activate a sensor that sets off a trip lever which drops them into a tray that can contain around 80 rat bodies.

“The rodent feels safe and secure within the device. The transparent cover provides natural light,” Rat Trap Inc. explained in regards to their methods. “The natural, non-toxic solution in the tank renders the rodent instantly unconscious”.

Sanitation workers investigated the devices yesterday to discover the unpleasant yet successful outcome.

Some people used to think that the rat population exceeded the human population in the city. A study in 2014 debunked that myth, estimating that the rat population sat at around 2 million, while the human population at that time stood at roughly 8.5 million.

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