Allergy season in Tennessee and how to combat symptoms

Allergy season in Tennessee and how to combat symptoms

Feeling a little under the weather lately? That’s no doubt due to the fact that the state of Tennessee is at its peak for allergy season.

Pollen clouds can be seen photographed all over Tennessee, the thick yellow fog almost makes you want to sneeze from just looking at the pictures. The amount of pollen has been increasing quickly within the last few weeks, and now it’s finally reached its peak, giving everyone those itchy eyes and runny nose that allergy season brings along.

Timberline Outdoors, a tree trimming company, recorded a video of what they call a “pollen bomb”. In this video, a tree branch is being cut down and a whole cloud of pollen can be seen as the tree falls to the ground. “If you think allergies are trying to kill you, you’d be right!” is what Timberline Outdoors wrote on Facebook.

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing the typical symptoms of allergy season. In fact, nearly fifty million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Allergies can affect your breathing and cause your eyes to feel not so great either. If you’re suffering and wondering how to make it stop, we’ve got some help for you.

If you experience sensitive eyes around allergy season, maybe they begin to water more often or itch, it’s recommended that you use eye drop or saline rinses. This can help with the symptoms that you suffer from. Allergy season can really effect your eyes, especially if you have content lenses. It’s best to make sure you take them out and clean them daily, as pollen can collect on the contact lens itself.

Dr. Sangeetha Kodoth, an allergy specialist in Knoxville recommends making a plan for whenever allergy season comes around. Know what symptoms you get and plan for them before they even come.

“It’s always more difficult to treat once you’re having symptoms and you’re miserable,” she says, “It’s important to address seasonal allergies early) … it shouldn’t affect your health and daily activities.”

So what can you do exactly to prevent your allergy symptoms before they even come on? The best thing to do is talk to your doctor to see what can be done for your allergies. You may be prescribed some medicines that can assist in keeping the symptoms of allergies away.

Over the counter allergy pills and nose sprays may even work for you too. Sometimes your allergies can be fought away with just simple medications, so try those too before you try anything else.

Another great tip for allergy season is to stay inside on days that are dry and windy, as this causes more pollen to be shuffled around in the air. It’s best to spend as much time away from the outside as possible, really. If you go for a job every morning, it’s best to go to the gym for that to avoid being outside.

Allergy season is always the worst, especially in cities with a high pollen count. Make sure each year that you nip allergies in the butt before they can even get to you.

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