Amazon beats Google and Apple as the most valuable company

amazon most valuable company

It has happened! Amazon deploys Google as the most valuable company in the world. The world of Jeff Bezos is now at number 1.

Today the ‘BrandZ Top 100’ was published. One of the most important rankings with the hundred most valuable companies. Striking: Amazon’s brand value has already increased by half in the past year (!). As a result, the e-commerce company went up in rapid train speed.

The ranking indicates that Amazon is the king of brands this year. Kantar also reports that consumer technology companies have passed the record of 1 trillion dollars in brand value this year.

Jeff’s world

According to Kantar, recent Amazon acquisitions have made the company more stable and a serious step ahead of its competitors, precisely because it offers such a diverse eco-system.

Jeff Bezos’ company was in the top three last year. But this year, Jeff is crowned with Apple in second place rising 3% and Google rising 2% this year. As you can see in the table below, the three tech giants are followed by major brands such as Microsoft (+ 25%), Alibaba (+ 16%) and McDonalds (+ 3%). The latter in particular is an exception, since the ranking has been dominated by tech companies for years.


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