Amazon is increasing their customers’ ability to make online purchases with cash


American multinational tech giant, Amazon, is expanding its option for customers to make online purchases using cash. The company recently revealed the United States establishment of Amazon PayCode, a checkout payment method which enables customers to buy products at 15,000 different Western Union locations. Additionally, Amazon Cash service (which allows customers to put cash into their Amazon account) is available at more than 100,000 cash-depositing sites throughout the United States.

Globally, PayCode has been an option in nearly 20 countries, including places where markets are still fresh and cash is used more frequently. The service was initiated near the start of the year in collaboration with Western Union, and at first it was available in 10 markets, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chile, and Peru.

Shop first, pay later

Rather than paying for products online with your bank card, you will now have the PayCode option at checkout. After being sent a QR code, you have 24 hours to pay at a Western Union near you. According to Amazon, there is a participating Western Union within five miles of most (80 percent) Americans.

“We’re constantly innovating to improve the shopping experience on behalf of our customers, and are proud to expand Amazon PayCode to customers in the U.S,” says Amazon Payments Director, Ben Volk. “Customers have told us they love the convenience of paying in cash. Together with Western Union, we’re able to offer customers more shopping choices, enabling them to pay for their online purchases in a way that is convenient for them”.

President of Consumer Money Transfer for Western Union, Khalid Fellahi, said, “As one of the world’s largest digital and physical money movers, we’re innovating our service to give customers more access and choice”. He added, “We’re embracing the complexity of a world where cash and digital payments are likely to coexist far into the future. We are providing easy solutions for customers who want access to the convenience of online shopping but prefer to pay in-person.”

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