Another Grand Canyon visitor falling to death; fourth within a month

Another Grand Canyon visitor falling to death; fourth within a month

Once again a tourist has died on a visit to the Grand Canyon. A 70-year-old woman fell into a gap due to an unknown cause. Park rangers found the body on Tuesday at 61 meters below the South Rim of the Canyon. It is already the fourth fatal accident in the popular natural park in the United States in a month.

On April 3, a 67-year-old man from California fell 122 meters down the edge of the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village, near the Yavapai Geological Museum. A tourist from China fell down on March 28 when he tried to take a photo at the Eagle Point of Grand Canyon West when he stumbled. And on March 26, the body of a Japanese tourist was found in the forests south of the Grand Canyon. According to park rangers, around 12 people die in the park every year.

On Tuesday, park rangers came for an emergency call because a woman had run into trouble on a rocky point west of a popular view called Pipe Creek Vista. However, before a rescue attempt could be made, the woman fell into the gap. Nothing is known about her identity yet.

With the help of a helicopter, the rescue team managed to salvage her body. An investigation has been launched into the circumstances of her death.

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