Anti-LGBTQ bills opposed by numerous companies

From Hilton to Amazon, no one is having it with Tennessee’s anti-LGBTQ bills. Numerous companies have spoken out against these bills, urging Tennessee’s legislative leaders to oppose them. The companies say that the bills are discriminatory against the LGBTQ community.

The companies said that these bills will be bad for employees and their families, customers, and business. The bills would be negatively affecting many people, and these companies will not stand for it.

Amazon is the most recent company to sign a letter that opposes the anti-LGBT legislation. “Legislation that explicitly or implicitly allows discrimination against LGBT people and their families creates unnecessary liability for talent recruitment and retention, tourism, and corporate investment to the state,” Amazon stated in their letter.

Amazon is just one among many companies though. Other huge ones such as Hilton, IKEA North America Services, InterContinental Hotels Groups, Lyft, Nike, and even more have all been involved in letters written to the legislative leaders. All companies have stated that these bills are offensive, discriminatory, and horribly anti-LGBTQ.

Details of the anti-LGBTQ bills

One of the bills that is causing this uproar is the bill that allows adoption agencies to refuse, based on religious beliefs, to place children with parents. This involved mainly Christian and other beliefs that worship the bible. Many Christians believe that being homosexual is wrong, thus this gives them the right to refuse parents based on just this factor alone and nothing else.

Not only the companies but many citizens as well believe this is wrong. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, many people believe that it is wrong to refuse a couple based on their sexuality.

Another bill can actually ban same-sex couples from getting married. While Obama made history when he legalized this country wide a few years back, Tennessee is now looking to make this illegal. It seems like a step backwards rather than one forward.

Restricting transgender people’s access seems inhumane, but it’s also part of another bill.

Many people are in an outrage about these bills and are urging legislative leaders to refuse them. They are currently still in debate about what to do with these bills.

Sponsors of the bills say that they are trying to protect “religious freedom” rather than be discriminatory against the LGBTQ community.

An open letter to the community from the state of Tennessee says, “As we recruit new talent and seek to retain our world-class workforce, we often face questions about whether our state is a welcoming and inclusive place to live for the LGBT community. It is both a business imperative and a part of our corporate values that our employees and their families, and potential employees, feel welcomed and included in the prosperity of our state.”

While the state mentions this, many people seem to believe otherwise due to the bills that could possibly be passed. Most believe that they’re undoubtedly anti-LGBTQ, and unless anything is done then people will continue to protest.

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