Apple is expanding their repair coverage


One of the Big Four technology leaders, Apple, has confidently solidified their position across the globe with their own street side locations. However, the United States is a large country, and Apple’s approximate 270 stores is not capable of having the coverage that they wish for.

Over the last three years, Apple has increased their repair scope by more than 200 percent in the U.S through third-party affiliations. Nearly 1,000 Best Buy stores now allow for Apple certified repairs, with almost 8,000 “newly Apple-certified technicians” prepared to deliver repairs on iPhones and other products on the same day people bring them in. The first thing you see on the Apple repair support site is, “We’re here to help. Apple-certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. And only Apple-certified repairs are backed by Apple.”

“At Apple, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service in the world,” said Apple Care’s Vice President, Tara Bunch, in a recent news release. “If a customer ever needs to repair their products, we want them to feel confident those repairs are done safely and correctly. We’re always looking at how we can reliably expand our network of trained technicians and we’re excited to partner with every Best Buy store so it’s even easier for our customers to find an authorized repair location near them.”

Win win for both parties

This is a logical arrangement that has benefits for both Apple and Best Buy. This would enable Apple to gain consumer coverage in regions such as Sioux City, Yuma, and Bismarck, increasing their entire third-party authorized service locations to a total of roughly 1,800 in the United States. For Best Buy, the agreement would mean a partnership and endorsement from yet another major electronics leader, with Apple matching up against the likes of Samsung, which at the moment has authorized Galaxy repairs at Best Buy.

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