Apple Music will be integrating into the fully electric Porsche Taycan


Recently Porsche announced the integration of Apple Music into the forthcoming fully electric Taycan sports car. This marks a first for the tech giant’s music streaming service, which will soon be available in a vehicle as a standalone app.

The Apple Music incorporation will start with the Taycan, however, the collaboration of Apple and Porsche won’t stop there, according to Klaus Zellmer, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche North America.

The Apple CarPlay app which creates the feel of an iPhone on the car’s main screen, is already available in several of the latest Porsche models. At some point in the near future, CarPlay will be offered in all the other Porsche models too.

According to Porsche AG board member, Detlev von Platen, the aim is to provide all Porsche customers with the same spectrum of services. Apple Music will be integrated into new cars that possess the tech to support the streaming services.

The relationship between the companies will make Apple Music available to Taycan owners either through the car’s touchscreen display or the voice assistant. The service costs just under $10 per individual membership and has gained more than 60 million subscribers. 

A seamless experience

CarPlay won’t just be another case of setting up an account, singing in, and pairing your phone before you can get to actually play your music. The owner’s Apple Id and the Porsche Taycan ID will be linked, meaning that songs on Apple Music in the Taycan will be exactly the same as the songs on the iPhone app. The service will also be accessible through the voice assistant in the Taycan, which will allow for remote song, playlist, album, or radio station selection.

Those who buy a Taycan will also receive free in-car internet for a three year period. “None of our customers will have to worry about data consumption while streaming,” said the director of sales and marketing at Porsche Connect for Porsche AG, Lars Buchwald.

The service will also run in a closed system environment. “Generally speaking, we always want to be in control of that system for privacy reasons,” said Zellmer. “We don’t want our customers to be approached with marketing or advertising messages that are not relevant or adequate. We will always be very cautious about whom we grant access to our digital ecosystem in our cars. Another reason why Apple is our partner is because they have exactly the same attitude.”

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