Apple, Samsung, and Google’s latest smartphones


U.S telecommunications group, Verizon, has laid out their possible launch dates for the most prestigious phones of 2019: the Apple iPhone 11, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and the Google Pixel 4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to be launched in August, the Apple iPhone 11 will launch near the end of September, and the Google Pixel 4 will be somewhere in the middle of October. This is according to a leaked photo of Verizon’s timeline, tweeted by Evan Blass.

Launch date or release date?

The time-frame resonates with the way these tech leaders normally launch their important events each year, however, a Spanish technology journalist, Vane Hand Orellana, suggests that the roadmap might be the actual release dates of the devices instead of the products’ debut launch events. She tweeted, “Isn’t that kinda standard for Apple though? Event the second week in Sept and then the device launch two weeks later towards the tail end of the month. My guess would be Verizon is interested in marketing for day of launch, but I would trust your guess over mine… and then again preorders start earlier so who knows?! Too many nuances about launches to keep track!”

Google Pixel 4 details

The Google Pixel 4 is anticipated to be among the top deliveries from the massive tech company. Not so long ago, Google made a bold move and revealed some of the device’s information. Latest knowledge of the smartphone verifies that although firms such as Huawei and Samsung are counting on the four-camera design, – and Nokia with their five-camera setup – the Google Pixel 4 will only be competing with a dual-camera unit. More on the Pixel 4 can be viewed here.

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