Argo AI’s autonomous vehicle coming to Detroit

In 2017, Ford invested $1 billion in the automated vehicle startup, Argo AI. The self-driving car company is now extending their third-gen vehicle tests to the downtown Detroit area.

Argo AI is working on the virtual driving systems and HD maps planned for Ford’s autonomous cars. As with their previous test cars, the third-gen vehicle is modeled on a Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Vehicle improvements

This newest version has several mechanical, sensory, computational, and software advancements that will bring the firm a little closer to a profound and well defined product. It will embrace redundant braking and steering operations to assist with motion control in the event that one of the other functions stop working. President and co-founder of Argo AI, Peter Rander, says that it’s also kitted out with an improved sensory unit incorporating new sets of radar and better resolution cameras, and an updated computer system that has stronger processing abilities and and advanced thermal management.

Research hub

Most of the testing in done in Pittsburgh where the company is based, but tests are also being conducted in Miami, Washington D.C, Palo Alto, Austin, and Dearborn. Now though, vehicle tests are coming to Corktown in Detroit. Corktown is the focal point of Ford’s electric and self-driving vehicle endeavor. Ford will dedicate the next few years to converting over a million square feet in Corktown which will connect testing and R&D sectors of Ann Arbor to Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, and eventually Detroit.

Spending plan

The $1 billion investment is part of Ford’s $4 billion spending strategy. The budget set from now until 2023 will be dedicated to the development of the company’s automated vehicle enterprise. Ford Autonomous Vehicle LLC will handle the self-driving systems integration, automated vehicle research and state-of-the-art engineering, network development, user satisfaction, and business planning.

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