At least seven dead and nineteen missing after tourist boat sinks in Budapest

In the event of a shipwreck of tourists on the Danube on Wednesday evening in Budapest, at least seven people died according to a spokesperson for the emergency services. A further nineteen people are missing.

On board the tourist boat “Hableany” (Mermaid) were 35 people, including 2 crew members and 33 South Korean tourists. Fifteen could be found alive and healthy. Someone was successfully resuscitated. Seven people were admitted to the hospital and are in a stable state.


The boat is said to have collided with another boat around 10 p.m. local time near the parliament in Budapest and sank. That is reported by the local media, but there is still no official confirmation from Hungary.

According to a company spokesperson who runs the boat, there were no technical issues. “It was a routine tourist tour,” said Mihaly Toth. “We don’t know anything about what exactly happened. The authorities are investigating that. The only thing we know is that the boat sank quickly.”

Difficult rescue

Due to the heavy rainfall of the past few weeks, there is a strong current on the Danube, which makes the rescue operation more difficult. The search was continued throughout the night. After hours of searching, the wreck has been found at the Margareta Bridge, reports the channel M1.

South Korea will offer assistance in the search for various South Korean tourists. The Foreign Ministry in Seoul said it is sending an eighteen-member emergency team to Budapest to find its fellow countrymen. President Moon Jae In gave the order to set up that team and said that all possible means are used to help the victims.

Hungarian Health Minister Ildiko Horvath came to the scene to express his support for the families of the victims.

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