Audi’s e-tron scooter


Recently, busy urban areas are being overrun with electric scooters and for good reasons. They’re space savers, simple to operate, cheap, and they can even be an enjoyable method of transportation over short distances. But these one-person vehicles are far from perfect.

One of the more difficult aspects is using hand signals, a challenge which increases the danger element of these trending devices. Yesterday, Audi introduced a scooter that might be a solution to this issue.

E-tron scooter specs

The Audi e-tron scooter is essentially a regular electric scooter mixed with the design of a skateboard. Priced at €2,000 (around $2,240), it isn’t particularly cheap. It might not be easy to use either, as the user would have to control it much like they would a skateboard – by shifting their weight.

The e-tron has movable axles, four wheels, it can be folded up, and it weighs roughly 26 pounds. It can also be used with just one hand, which should theoretically make it much safer, but in our digital oriented society, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine people trying to use their mobile devices with one hand, while operating the scooter with the other. In any case, the single-handed design enables users to signal to pedestrians and other traffic when they’re turning or coming to a stop. According to Audi, riding the scooter has a similar sensation to “surfing waves”.

The e-tron only has a top speed of 12.5 mph (20 kph) which might deter possible customers. It also has range of only 12.5 miles, but it utilizes regenerative braking which can extend its range somewhat. Additionally, it has a hydraulic foot brake, LED lights, headlights, a rear light, and a brake light.

Production and private customer sales are scheduled for the end of next year. Audi implied that the scooter might be used in conjunction with e-tron model electric vehicles. The scooter will be capable of being charged in the trunk of the car through a socket specifically made for it.

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