Audi’s new concept vehicle for the “future of off-roading”


Concept vehicles often frequent the auto show scene, although many of them don’t actually make it to production. However, these ideas being brought to life offers consumers a better understanding of the auto manufacturer and their vision for the future. It seems that the engineers at German car manufacturer Audi have envisioned a future of wilderness.

Yesterday at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi revealed their AI: Trail Quattro – the electric concept car that is made for the “future of off-roading”. The Trail Quattro is the latest addition to the concept automobiles that Audi has unveiled at a variety of auto shows as of 2017, such as a luxury car, a sports car, and a vehicle created for large, heavily populated cities.

Audi feels that these are not fruitless designs. They suggest that these four concept vehicles display how the company’s future cars will be made for use in more niche environments.

According to Audi’s announcement, “In the future, customers will be able to order any of these specialist Audi models from an Audi on-demand vehicle pool to suit their personal preferences and requirements and to lease them for a limited period”.

So, customers who decide to use these currently hypothetical on-demand products will benefit from specialized configurations tailored to each individual. The automaker says that all of the important customer info will be kept in the myAudi system and the relative app.

Some details about the AI: Trail

The people who designed the AI: Trail focused on exploration as well as an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The five drones that accompany the vehicle act as a substitution for headlights and can be especially helpful when you need to light up your camp site or picnic area.

The vehicle has a range of just over 300 miles (nearly 500km), it’s roughly 13.5 feet long (4.1 meters), it’s 7 feet wide (2.1 meters), and it comes with rugged 22 inch (55.8 cm) wheels. It also has a ground-clearance of almost 13.5 inches (34.3 cm). The downside is that the vehicle’s range decreases to just 155 miles when travelling on rough roads.

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