Austin Mahone returns with his new single ‘Dancing with nobody’

austin mahone dancing with nobody

2019 is certainly a good year for Austin Mahone: his success seems to reconfirm with his new “Dancing With Nobody”, released yesterday, 19 June 2019.

The twenty-three-year-old singer was back in February with his “Why don’t We”, a song written by none other than Charlie Puth. On Spotify, the retro bop song has had over 5 million plays.

In April, to further mark his return, Austin became known with his “Anxious”, with an irresistible rhythm.

The new “Dancing With Nobody”, with its romantic phrases and the danceable rhythm could be according to some the best of the three.

His new track “Dancing With Nobody” was released on digital platforms and streaming services on June 19, 2019.

The fans did not have to wait long to see the music video of this song, because it premiered that same day.

In the song, the US pop star is smitten by a girl: “I do not know how, but I know you’re the one. but I know that I’m up,” he sings accompanied by a light-hearted power-pop beat, and clearly states in the chorus, “I do not feel like dancing with anyone else. Can’t you see that baby? I do not want anyone else but you.” Who could resist?

Watch the video for “Dancing With Nobody” in which Austin dances with his sweetheart in different locations in the great outdoors here.

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