Beach or car door: Internet excited over optical illusion

beach or car door twitter

A photo appeared on Twitter that caused divisions and confusion on the internet. The photo seems to represent a stormy day on the beach: dark sky, washing up waves, sand and rocks. But actually it is a photo of the bottom of a broken car door.

The photo was shared on Twitter this week. The vast majority of Twitter users also saw a beach in it. The caption of the photo read: “If you see a beach, ocean, sky, rocks and stars in it, you are an artist. But it’s not a painting, it’s the lower part of a car door that needs to be repaired. ”

Even after people knew it wasn’t a picture of a beach, some had trouble seeing a car door in it. A possible explanation for this, as a user suggested on Reddit, is the “preference for confirmation”. “You already expect it to be a photo of a beach. That is your first impression and you are convinced of that. But when you read that it is not a beach, your brain is struggling to see it as something other than a beach and to deviate from that idea. That is how quickly your brain makes links.”

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