Best dog food for dogs with heart disease

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Heart Disease

Choosing the best dog food for dogs with heart disease can be very tricky and upsetting. With all the available brands of dog food today, finding the right one that will aid in your dog’s condition can be pretty confusing. Add to that the stress and anxiety that you constantly feel, knowing that your beloved pet has a heart disease, and the process of getting a particular type of dog food can be really frustrating.

If your dog has been diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, know that this is not the end of the world. Although this is a life-threatening condition, you can still do something about it. Focusing on your dog’s diet can be very helpful; and getting the best dog food for dogs with heart disease can make a difference in this fight for survival.

Causes of Heart Disease in Dogs

Just like their human counterparts, dogs can develop heart diseases through improper diet and lack of exercise. Unfortunately, you won’t see any early signs of this disease until the final stages of the condition. And when you do, it is of utmost importance that you schedule a visit to the vet right away.

A congenital heart disease is caused by the abnormal structuring of the dog’s heart. As the heart no longer has the full ability to pump blood effectively and perform as it’s supposed to, the situation can lead to cardiac arrest.

Signs that Your Dog has Heart Problems

If you notice that your dog gets easily tired from simple exercise routines, then it could be sign that he or she has some heart issues. Is your pet dog showing signs of labored breathing and heavy panting? It could mean that your dog’s heart is having difficulty in functioning and that not enough supply of blood and oxygen is being pumped by the heart.

How Choosing the Best Dog Food for Dogs with Heart Disease Can Make a Difference

As with people, the food that your dog eats will greatly affect his or her health condition. By choosing the best dog food for dogs with heart disease, you can avoid further decline in your pet’s health. It can even make your dog healthier and thus prolong your beloved pet’s life. In buying commercial dog food or making one at home, be sure to focus on the nutritional value of the food that you give to your dog. Know which types of food are actually helpful in your dog’s particular condition and find out about those types of food that can further lead to the deterioration of your dog’s health.

The Right Diet for Dogs with Congenital Heart ProblemsThe Right Diet for Dogs with Congenital Heart Problems

The best dog food for dogs with heart disease (commercial or homemade) should be comprised of low-salt ingredients. This will keep the cardiovascular system healthy as it functions normally.

For homemade recipes, you can boil ¼ pound of lean meat and add a pinch of Dicalcium Phosphate to the meal. You can also add some olive oil as this is a very nutritious type of oil.

If you decide on getting a commercially made dog food, then you should choose those that use organic ingredients. You should also check on the labels as the best dog food for dogs with heart disease should not be filled with preservatives and high-fat contents. It would also be better if you check with your vet first to see if a particular type of food is suitable for your dog’s condition.

Other Things That You Can Do to Improve Your Dog’s Condition

In order to aid your dog’s heart to function properly, you should also provide your pet dog with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to boost his or her immune system. Vitamin E is the perfect antioxidant for dogs with heart problems as this vitamin is known to strengthen the heart.

The combination of Taurine and L-Carnitine can also produce a good effect as this can prolong the life expectancy of your dog. These nutrients aid in protecting the heart from further damage; and your dog’s tolerance against stress and sickness is also enhanced.

You should also include Omega Fatty Acids in your dog’s diet and nutrition. These fatty acids can reduce the risk of having heart failure while also strengthening the tissues around the heart. You can include sea foods in your pet dog’s meal preparation or you can simply give your canine friend some fish oil supplements.

All these additional supplementation when added to feeding the best dog food for dogs with heart disease can greatly increase your dog’s chances for survival.

As a loving pet owner, you know that it is your duty to care for your dog. And when you find out that your dog has heart problems, it becomes necessary to provide for the special needs of your beloved pet. You know that you and your dog are in this together, right? So get the best dog food for dogs with heart disease and fill your dog’s heart with your own love and affection.

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