Black Mirror season 5 on Netflix: How close is the bizarre technology of Black Mirror to us?

black mirror season 5 review netflix

It is June 5, 2019 and that means that the new season of Black Mirror is coming online!

The series revolves around the (often not particularly pleasant) future of technology.

Social control

The episode ‘Nose Dive’ is about a point system that you can use to convince other people of their behavior.

Suppose someone makes a bad joke, you can give someone 2 stars and that in turn has an effect on his / her status.

Technically, such a thing is not at all difficult.

In China you already have a social point system from the government, where people are judged by their actions.

Cameras on the street register if you do not cross a street via a pedestrian crossing or throw a coffee cup on the street and the bad scores that you get for that end up in the profile that the government has of you.

This can have an effect on things you want to get done with the government and your social status.

Things like this already happen on a small scale: advertisements that follow your surfing behavior, but also cabinets in your car that register how safely you drive.

On the basis of this, it is checked whether you receive a discount on your insurance, for example.

Robot dog

In another episode it’s about robot dogs that can think for themselves.

If you have done something criminal, you can be sure that those things will come to get you!

Plottwist: the design of this robot dog in Black Mirror is based on a model that really exists.

Darpa (research arm of the American Defense) and Boston Dynamics have been working for years on machines, four-legged and two-legged that can run as humans or animals.

They only gave one kick from the side to see if it would fall over, but those machines are already reacting so quickly that they can keep the balance.

They can also jump from plateau to plateau, do backflips … the entire moving part of such a robot already exists.

The artificial intelligence has yet to come.

Filming with your contact lens?

In another episode of Black Mirror you can play back memories with a chip in your head.

For example, if you have had a date and you think ‘did I really say this?’, you can rewind yourself to that moment thanks to a contact lens with a camera in it.

Handy, but also quite intense.

Such a complete system does not yet exist in real life, but elements of it do.

For example, a few years ago there was the Google Glass, which was not well received.

People found that freaky and were afraid that they could be filmed continuously by people with glasses on.

Now that Glass was not powerful at all, it could not film continuously.

But you could easily put such glasses together and send those images via 5g wirelessly to a server park somewhere.

What is already possible: contact lenses with transparent electronics already exist, which can measure and transmit blood sugar in tear fluid.

Medically super interesting for diabetic patients!

In other words: you don’t have to be afraid of situations like in Black Mirror.

The basis of the technology is there, but it is not yet advanced enough to be used so fiercely!

So, for now enjoy the latest season of Black Mirror on Netflix!

Watch the trailer here:

Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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