Ron Gallo Took Over An Intersection On Broadway And Played "Please Yourself" On The Back Of A Truck

Nashville garage rocker Ron Gallo takes over an intersection on Lower Broadway in a moment of glorious angst.

Ron Gallo
Ron Gallo/Facebook

In this week’s moment of badassery, Nashville rock ‘n’ roll/garage rocker Ron Gallo casually strolls up to a pick-up truck on Lower Broadway, hops in the back, slings his guitar over his shoulder and proceeds to shower tourists with electric angst with his song “Please Yourself” – possibly shocking a #Nash-lorette party in the process.

The song and glorious moment of disruption was filmed for Gallo’s latest video, which was shot by filmmaker Joshua Shoemaker, according to NPR. Parked in a Ford pick-up truck, Gallo and his band take over an intersection of Lower Broadway to perform the song (hopefully drowning out any bro-country cover songs emanating from nearby honky tonks in the process.)

Gallo and his band managed to hit the last note of the song before Metro Nashville Police hit their lights and pulled over the truck before the video fades to black.

If this doesn’t get you excited about the release of Gallo’s new album, “HEAVY META,” on February, 3, we’re not sure what will.

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