Blooming festival to be hosted in Nashville

The 23rd annual Nashville Blooming Festival is set to begin in about the middle of next week. The festival consists of a big group of musicians that will perform all during the festival. This year, a prominent country music band from eastern North Carolina will be headlining the list of musicians.

The festival is set to continue the tradition of how it is every year, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with fun events and food to be had over the course of its operating time. Amusement rides and a parade are among these fun activities to be held for all to enjoy.

The festival’s chairwoman, Jo Anna Cooper, commented on the event, “It’s like a big homecoming event in Nashville — and good fellowship.” She then described how the event is good for all who live in the city.

“You see people that you haven’t seen in a long time. A lot of people come home for it.”

The event, which is a Chamber of Commerce event, will be held in downtown Nashville this year as it usually is.

A real kicker to this year’s festival is the lineup of performers that will be at the festival this time around.

Parmalee, a band formed back in 2001 in Tennessee, has produced six Billboard Country Airplay Top 40 singles. The band will also be among those performing at the festival this year.

They will be performing at 8:30 pm on May 11th during the festival.

Cooper mentioned that each year the festival always has a great lineup or artists, including bands who play beach music, country music and Top 40 tunes.

Activities & More

Over the course of the festival, many fun things will be happening. Aside from the talented artists that are set to perform, there’s great food and other activities to participate in during the run time of the festival.

Set to begin at around 5pm on Wednesday, people can begin to enjoy the amusement rides available, which will be in the parking lot next to the Nash County Courthouse.

For unlimited rides from 5-10pm, people can purchase wristbands on Wednesday and May 9th that will grant them access to all the rides that they want. The wristband is only $25, a great price for anyone looking to have a lot of fun.

At 6pm on May 10th, vendors are going to start selling food, so it’s a great opportunity to get out there and have some delicious food.

Co-chairwoman Cindy Puckett said that this festival is a great time of the year for people from all around to come to Nashville. It’s a great chance to see what the town is all about and what they have to offer. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity for locals to come out and experience the fun too.

“You feel safe here,” Puckett said. “You know everybody — and it’s just got a quaintness to it that a lot of bigger cities have lost.”

With many different events happening, it’s a wonderful time to visit the city of Nashville to take part in the awesome activities.

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