BMW brings electric vehicle charging stations to U.S national parks


BMW has taken around two years to complete their project to introduce 100 new electric vehicle charging stations to national parks in the United States. The German multi-national automobile and motorcycle manufacturer partnered up with numerous United States agencies in 2017 – such as the National Park Foundation, the National Park Service, and the Department of Energy – to donate 100 electric vehicle charging stations in and around national parks all over the United States.

A little more than 90 of these charging terminals have already been established, while the few that are still to come are expected to be finished this month according to BMW

In comparison with some of the larger infrastructure campaigns in the United States, these charging stations are not a particularly grand achievement, although it does possess the potential to improve the electric vehicle charging desert that is currently a factor at national parks and on the open road. Seeing as more and more electric vehicles are hitting the market, the call for these types of charging stations is only going to rise.

Where will the stations be found?

The charging terminals – equipped with direct current fast chargers – will be present in the more popular regions where there is a distinct electric vehicle marketplace. The distance from other nearby charging stations has also been taken into account by BMW and the partners. Charging terminals are located in the Everglades, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Rainier, the Olympic National parks, and Cap Cod National Seashore.

“The automobile has long been central to the great American vacation in national parks,” said P. Daniel Smith, the Deputy Director of the National Park Service. “While our treasured landscapes offer familiar vistas time after time, the automobile has changed greatly, and parks want to meet the needs of our visitors who own electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.”

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