Bosch’s 3D in-car displays are in the works


The German multinational engineering and technology company, Bosch, is creating 3D imaging for future releases of its in-car digital display technology. The 3D displays will utilize passive 3D technology, meaning that there will be no need to wear special 3D glasses to appreciate the effects. It also doesn’t rely on eye tracking, which is a common element for many modern top-end glasses-free 3D displays.

Not requiring the viewer to use glasses or to look at the display from a certain angle are both highly beneficial features for successfully introducing 3D display technology to cars. Drivers need to pay attention to the road, so a rudimentary aspect for all of the latest in-car display technologies is that they should offer easily recognizable data with a quick glance, allowing drivers to concentrate on the environment around them.

Why would you want a 3D display?

But what are the actual benefits you’d get out of the 3D effects from the infotainment display? According to Bosch, there are several intriguing reasons, such as more noticeable announcements of important alerts like low-fuel warnings. More enticing though, is the potential recreation of the immediate environment. This could be helpful when trying to make a more accurate assessment of the amount of space you have when trying to park, as well as better navigation when trying to figure out exactly which turning you’re supposed to take.

This might also be handy for Uber drivers as it could offer extra informative entertainment to passengers whilst they’re being transported to their destination.

Bosch says that these capabilities are now becoming a reality due to the higher processing power of the latest computers. Rather than using a range of smaller, cheaper, and weaker controllers spread throughout a vehicles tech stack, most car manufacturers are shifting towards utilizing a single centralized computer that provides a lot more power.

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