Breaking News: Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame on fire

notre dame on fire

A big fire is raging on Monday evening since around 7 pm in the famous Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame. On images you can see how the fire is spreading rapidly. It seems that the structure can no longer be saved.

The smoke initially came from the nave of the cathedral, after which the flames spread rapidly. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but work has been carried out on the middle tower.

Around 8pm a part of the roof collapsed with a roaring sound. Around that time the steeple of Notre Dame also came down.

The fire brigade is present in large numbers and firefighters make frantic attempts to extinguish the fire. The sea of ​​fire attracts a lot of attention and people in Paris massively share images of the burning monument on social media.

So far there are no messages about any injured people. It is unknown if any people were present in the cathedral when the fire broke out. On the Notre-Dame website it says that a mass would take place in the church between 6.15 pm and 7 pm.

Major tourist attraction

The cathedral stands on the Île de la Cité, in the center of Paris. The building is one of the largest tourist attractions in the French capital and has been a World Heritage Site since 1991.

The first stone of the cathedral was laid in 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III. Almost two hundred years later, in 1345, the construction was completed. The architect of Notre-Dame is Maurice de Sully, then bishop of Paris.

The cathedral underwent a major restoration in 1845, which lasted 23 years.

Characteristic stained glass windows and towers

The 130 meter long church consists of five so-called ships and is built in early Gothic style. Notre Dame is famous for its stained glass windows and the two characteristic towers, both 90 meters high.

The very special organ in the church consists of no less than seven thousand pipes and was completely renovated at the end of the last century.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor in Notre Dame, and many presidents, writers, and soldiers were also buried there. The church is home to some relics that would belong to Jesus Christ: the crown of thorns, a piece from the cross and nails that would have been used at the crucifixion.

The cathedral also received a great deal of prominence through Victor Hugo’s book: The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There are also real clocks, each weighing hundreds of kilos.

Notre Dame is a church of the Roman Catholics. The archbishop of Paris has his domicile there. There are also national celebrations. Entrance is free. Millions of people visit the cathedral every year.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire, live stream

The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire. Follow for live updates: Authorities have not yet released the cause of the fire or any further information as to how the fight to suppress the flames has progressed. The fire may potentially involve renovation works being carried out at the site, the fire service said.


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