Brunei defends death penalty against homosexuals in absurd letter

brunei stoning homosexuals

Brunei demands “tolerance, respect and understanding” from the EU  when it comes to the death penalty for homosexuals. The sultanate had triggered a worldwide wave of protests with the tightening of criminal law.

The sultanate Brunei has defended the internationally heavily criticized introduction of the death penalty against homosexuals in a letter to the European Parliament. The “Guardian” cited a four-page letter from the Sultanate to the European Parliament stating that stoning as a punishment for same-sex sex would be rare, since two men of “high moral rank and piety” were required as witnesses. In view of the country’s desire to preserve its traditional values ​​and its “family line”, it demands “tolerance, respect and understanding”.

On April 3, harder criminal laws came into force in the Sultanate. The penalties for theft have also been tightened: in the future, thieves will have to expect that their hands and legs will be amputated. The basis for this is Sharia, which regulates the religious and legal norms in Islam in a broad sense.

George Clooney calls for boycott of luxury hotels

In the letter cited by the Guardian, it was said that international criticism was due to a misunderstanding. “The criminalization of adultery and fornication should ensure the inviolability of the family line and the marriage of various Muslims, especially women.” The EU was also asked to review assets freezes, visa bans and a blacklist of hotels owned by the Sultanate. Among other things, the actor George Clooney had demanded to boycott hotels belonging to the sultan.

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