Bulgarian boys (12-14) violently raped young woman (18) in Germany

Bulgarian boys (12-14) violently raped young woman (18) in Germany

Bulgarian boys (12-14) violently raped young woman (18) in Germany

More and more shocking details come out about the group rape of an 18-year-old woman by five Bulgarian boys in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany. The young teenagers used abusive violence, the police say.

The suspects, three boys of 14 and two of 12 years, would also have filmed their violent action, reports Bild. The incident took place on Friday evening in the center of Mülheim, a 45-minute drive from Venlo.

The boys would have lured the woman into the bushes. When the woman realized that the Bulgarian teenagers had wrong intentions, they became furious, the police said. “There was violence, gross violence,” said a police spokesperson on Sunday.

Bild reports that the 18-year-old victim was repeatedly beaten in the face and that the perpetrators forced her into oral sex. A man who walked his dog noticed that there was something going on. He checked the bushes, and the perpetrators fled. The man found the abused woman wounded and traumatized lying on the floor.

Nervous breakdown

The young woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. Her mother was reported to have had a nervous breakdown following the incident.

Based on the description given by the victim, the police were able to quickly locate the five suspects. Because children under the age of 14 cannot be prosecuted in Germany, the two youngest suspects were handed over to their parents. The three  fourteen year olds went to the police station and spent a night in jail, but are still free to await the investigation.

The incident is reminiscent of a case from more than a year ago in Velbert, a place not far from Mülheim an der Ruhr. There, eight Bulgarian teenagers were convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. The perpetrators were given sentences of up to four years and nine months in prison.

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  1. They are not Bulgarians, yes they have Bulgarian IDs but their way of life is definitely not Bulgarian, these people are gypsies and they live more like animals rather than human beings. They live in their own filth, procreating and expecting the government to pay for their miserable lives. I do hope you can “integrate” the “unintegratable” and I hope more of them leave Bulgaria.

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