Canadian man wins the lottery after playing the same numbers for nearly two decades


Patience and persistence pays off in the end, as was proven by a Canadian man who used the same lottery numbers for close to 20 years. After almost two decades of insisting on choosing the same numbers, he finally hit the jackpot.

According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Bon Truong – who lives in Edmonton, Alberta – had the realization that he’d won $60 million from the Lotto Max the following morning of the draw, which took place on the 26th of October last year.

Instead of collecting his winnings right away, Truong chose to wait nearly 10 months as he was overwhelmed by such an immense prize. The moment he saw the winning numbers, Truong went to the shop to have them printed out. just to be sure that he wasn’t mistaken. After taking the numbers back to his home, he went over them again and again for several hours.

“I started to think about what this win would mean for my family,” said Truong. “I realized it’s going to change a lot of things and I wanted to make sure we were all ready and prepared for those changes.”

Truong’s lucky numbers were 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, and 30 – a sequence that incorporated meaningful dates and family birthdays.

What does Truong plan to do with his winnings?

“The first thing I thought was, ‘I’m going to be able to pay off everything!’ and I was happy just to do that,” he said.

Truong’s intentions are to purchase a new home for his family, to put aside a portion of the money for their future, and to pay for an upcoming holiday.

The Canadian’s $60 million prize is tied as the biggest Lotto Max winner in the province. Truong’s win matched a couple who also won $60 million two years ago.

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