Children might control family vacations more than parents


Research done by Expedia Group Media Solutions proposes that family holidays are less about the adults than we might think. Worldwide, over 80 percent of travelers plan their getaways under the influence of the whole family, including the kids. With Generation Alpha (people born from 2010 onwards) being online and having more tech knowledge than the average parent, their youthful influence plays a bigger role in the decision making than we may realize.

Children leading the way

Northstar Research Partners’ Gen Alpha and Family Travel Trends study, reveals that 46 percent of Gen Alphas are computer literate, 50 percent are frequently viewing online videos on some type of mobile device, and 58 percent are using their smartphones to stay in-touch with their family and friends. 60 percent of parents and grandparents say that many of their travel plans are based on input from Gen Alpha as well as the adults.

Adults may have the final say, but over 33 percent say that Generation Alpha has a massive influence on where the family vacations, and on what they’ll be doing when they get there. Over 50 percent of family vacationers choose their means of transport based on how quickly they’ll reach their destination regardless of cost, and roughly 40 percent choose accommodation where location and family convenience is the priority.

The Senior Director at Expedia Group Media Solutions, Andrew Van der Feltz, says, “Despite their young age, Generation Alpha is already playing an active role in family travel inspiration and planning, and they’re influencing trip decisions for the entire family,” he stated further that, “Gen Alpha is expected to be more educated, wealthier and live longer than any generation before them, resulting in great potential for the travel industry. By understanding their interests and influence on family travel today, and how their parents and grandparents are including them in travel discussions, we can better prepare for the future.”    

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