China and 5G: a gold mine

china 5g

China is a sprinter when it comes to technology. Also in terms of 5G, the country does not want to fall behind despite the trade war and Huawei.

It is clear that China does not want to fall behind. For half a year, the country has been distributing commercial licenses to companies where mainly Huawei is the largest player. Despite a weaker economy, China appears to be continuing to invest heavily in this super-fast internet technology.

Today, the Chinese telecom regulator has announced that it will soon start granting 5G licenses for commercial purposes. China clearly indicates once again that it wants to be in 1st place in the race to launch 5G. The regulator therefore asks local authorities to promote this new network technology in its statement.

Slower economy

In Beijing, they realize that the Chinese economy is slowing down. The government wants to prevent this by investing heavily. According to Neil Shah , 5G would create 8 million jobs by 2030 with an economic value of nearly $ 1,000 million. China wants to be the first to supply 5G material, but has to contend with the poor image that is being set up in the West. The Chinese material would contain espionage software, and let that be the major problem of Huawei at the moment.

Legal problems

After Huawei was officially blacklisted two weeks ago in the US and Australia, Canada and the UK are also reviewing the use of network components. By accelerating the entire 5G procedure in the home country, China hopes to regain confidence. Apart from that, Huawei can count on partners in other parts of the world. Last week the company quietly opened a new 5G lab in South Korea.

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