China warns its tourists about “the risks associated with traveling in the US”

travel warning china

China has cautioned its citizens who are planning to visit the US on Tuesday.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism calls for a “thorough assessment of the risks associated with a trip to the US”.

In particular, Chinese tourists should learn the best about public safety, the related laws and regulations related to tourist destinations, be more alert with regard to safety and prepare to remain safe.

The ministry refers to the recent “frequent shootings, robberies and thefts” in the US.

The travel advice is valid until December 31.

In another communiqué, this time from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing accuses the US authorities of “bullying” Chinese citizens on US territory.

They are advised to be vigilant.

Criticism of transparency

The ministry has also strongly criticized calls from the US and the European Union for more transparency about the number of people who died thirty years ago during the bloody suppression of the protest for more democracy in Tienanman Square in Beijing.

Spokesperson Geng Shuang both accused Washington and Brussels of interference in internal affairs and of a biased view of the Asian country.

In particular, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got a big blow after calling China a one-party state that violates human rights.

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  1. Good. Chinese tourists are the most rude, impolite people I have ever encountered.

    This is not relevant to visiting China in general since non-traveling, folks you meet on the mainland are amazing. However, they seemingly shut off all forms of common courtesy when traveling. Horrible tourists and they can stay home.

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