Chinese surgeons remove giant tumor of almost 33 lbs

giant tumor removed

Surgeons from Ninth People’s Hospital in the Chinese city of Shanghai have removed a tumor of almost 33 lbs from a 68-year-old man. During the 33-hour, high-risk operation, it was possible to completely remove the lump – which had a size of about 33 x 25 inches and was attached to his spine, lungs and blood vessels.

A statement from the hospital shows that patient “Mr. Tang” had been dealing for at least 30 years with the enormous growth of the tumor. In recent years, other hospitals have systematically refused to tackle the giant tumor because of the high risk and the high possibility of the man dying during the surgery. At the end of last year, the man desperately knocked on the door of the Shanghai hospital because an important blood vessel had torn into the tumor, creating a risk that he would eventually bleed to death. In the end, a doctor from Ninth People’s Hospital decided to help him.

According to specialist Yang Jun, head of the reconstructive surgery department of the hospital in question, research showed that the patient has a  genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis. Benign growths arise from the wrapping of nerve bundles. He found the man’s physical condition stable enough to risk the surgery. After the procedure, in which a total of seven tumors were removed, the medical team stated that Tang had lost a lot of blood and that skin from other parts of the body had been used to close the large wounds on his back in particular.

Eventually, after the complicated procedure, the patient remained in intensive care for four days, after which he was transferred to a regular nursing ward. On the fifth day he was able to eat again and move around carefully. The hospital states that the man has since been released from the hospital but will have to recover for a long time. Tang will be kept under control in the coming weeks and months. There is a chance that he will have to go under the knife again, because the gigantic lump that has been completely removed, might eventually return.

giant tumor 

photo (c) © Ninth People’s Hospital

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