Citroën becomes Zitrön: What’s going on with the French car maker?

Citroën becomes Zitrön: What's going on with the French car maker?

“Citroën becomes Zitrön” – this is written in bold letters on the German website of the French car manufacturer. Did the French carmaker change its name or is it a birthday gag to mark its centenary?

The French are going crazy. What’s up with Citroën? Anyone who surfs the homepage of Citroën Germany is likely to rub his eyes. “Citroën becomes Zitrön” is written in bold letters and there is a newly designed brand logo right there. The end of an era in Germany, it says on the appropriate Facebook page.

One hundred years of wrong pronunciation must suffice

Parallel to the redesign of the website, Zitrön has also published a video that shows Wolfgang Schlimme, CEO of Citroën Germany, how he introduces the new brand name to brand dealers at the dealer conference in early July and also explains the renaming. For 100 years, the Germans tried to pronounce the name of the brand correctly with no avail. 100 years of struggle are over.


So, are the French adapting their brand name to German language habits? No definitely not. Was the site hacked and infiltrated by malicious dyslexics? Unlikely. Citroën, or now Zitrön, did not want to give an official statement yet.

We just believe in an ingenious marketing gag for the 100th birthday of the French car manufacturer. Chapeau, really well executed!

Thank you Citroën for making us laugh today. Really successful advertising campaigns are rare, this is clearly one of them, even if the social media teams of Citroën Germany certainly have to work overtime. Because both on Facebook, as well as on Instagram, not all users are aware that this is an advertising gag. We are, despite a pending official confirmation, pretty sure it is.

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