Couple spends over $100,000 of an accidental deposit before the bank realized its mistake


A husband and wife from Pennsylvania has been charged with theft after squandering thousands of dollars that was accidentally placed in their bank account. Tiffany and Robert Williams mistakenly acquired $120,000 from their bank and apparently splurged almost every last bit of it, according to an affidavit.

Robert (36) and Tiffany (35) are being charged with theft as well as receiving stolen property. They’ll also have to pay overdraft fees of more than $100,000 – a fee charged when a withdrawal from an individual’s bank account exceeds the available balance. The couple is currently out on bail.

Consequences of an impulsive decision

Yesterday, the reckless couple showed up in a Lycoming County court where they decided to renounce their rights to a preliminary hearing. As they have yet to make a statement to any United States media, it’s uncertain whether or not the pair have procured the appropriate legal services.

According to state trooper Aaron Brown, the money that was supposed to be deposited to an investment firm, showed up in the couple’s BB&T account on the 31st of May. The mistake was only recognized three weeks later before the money was removed and deposited as it was originally intended. However, according to the police, the Williams had already spent roughly $107,000 without letting their bank know.

The pair bought four-wheelers, a sports car, a camper, a Chevrolet Traverse, and several other household items. Additionally, they donated $15,000 to friends in need.

When officials at the bank managed to reach Mrs Williams, she said to them that “she no longer had the funds because she had already paid off bills”, Mr Brown noted in the criminal complaint. “[Mrs Williams] told the bank her husband had spent a great portion of the funds and purchased a four-wheeler. She said she would speak to her husband and attempt to construct a repayment agreement.”

After investigators contacted the pair two months ago, both Robert and Tiffany “admitted to knowing the mislaid money did not belong to them, but they spent it anyway”.

BB&T stated, “While we can’t comment on the specifics of this issue due to client privacy practices, we always work as quickly as possible to address any issue that affects our clients.”

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