Court prohibits sale of Asus Zenfone smartphones in India

asus zenfone india court

Asus has lost a lawsuit in India against Telecare Network India, therefore it will no longer be allowed to sell ZenFone smartphones in India at the end of July.

Asus is not the first brand you would think of when buying a phone in the US or Europe.

In the Eastern markets, including India, that story is slightly different.

The Chinese company knows how to throw its ZenFone smartphones over the counter like hot sandwiches.

Unfortunately, Asus seems to have to stop selling its ZenFone smartphones in India by the end of July.

At least, the ZenFone name can no longer be used, an Indian judge decided.

The ruling in this case was already made on May 28, Asus has been given eight weeks from the appointment to no longer use the name of the line-up.

Asus has indicated that they will appeal.

Asus ZenFone brand name

Asus has been selling smartphones under the ZenFone brand name for quite a number of years, about five years ago it launched the first smartphone in this series.

Unfortunately, there are more hijackers on the coast for this brand name, according to the indictment of the Indian Telecare Network India.

In the verdict of the judge you can read that it was precisely that company that brought smartphones to the market in a ‘Zen’ series.

According to the court, Asus infringes this brand name by placing a similar product on the market under a similar name, which could lead to confusion for consumers.

That is why Asus has to abandon the ZenFone name at the end of July.

A further session will be held on July 10 on this matter.

It is not known exactly what the purpose of this session is, it is possible that Asus is requesting an extension for stopping the ZenFone brand name.

Whether the judges can wipe the decision off the table during the hearing is still unknown.

Asus has not yet responded comprehensively to the court’s decision.

As India is one of the most important markets for Asus, it will soon have to find a solution so that it does not end up in the red.

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