Denver inmate who gave birth alone sues city


After roughly five hours of labour, a woman in jail birthed her child by herself in her cell as the nurses ignored her cries for assistance. She is now suing the city of Denver over this incident of medical negligence.

The surveillance tape acquired from her lawyer displayed Diana Sanchez laying on her thin bed as she painfully cried by herself while giving birth. Her baby boy was born on July 31st last year. Around 45 minutes prior to the birth, an absorbent pad was pushed underneath the door for Sanchez to place upon her bed. After the child was born, a nurse entered and picked him up.

Improper medical care

“To characterize it as medical care is a joke,” said Mari Newman, Sanchez’s lawyer. Newman also pointed out in the surveillance video that the toilet which was situated just a few feet away from the birth, had been blacked out by the city, suggesting that it was most likely in poor condition.

In the lawsuit filed two days ago, the prison authorities were accused of choosing “convenience over compassion” as they hadn’t requested an ambulance after Sanchez’s water broke. Although a van was called to move Sanchez to hospital, the staff at the jail expected that there was a low probability that the transfer would actually happen until the morning booking procedure was completed.

The lawsuit claims that the baby wasn’t dried or warmed, nor was the mucus removed from his mouth for several minutes. There was also none of the appropriate tools to sever the umbilical cord. It was only cut about 15 minutes after the birth when firefighters arrived.

Yesterday, the Denver county sheriff’s department said that it altered their policy to make sure pregnant inmates who go into labour will be instantly be transferred to hospital.

Denver Health refused to make a statement regarding the upcoming lawsuit. Spokesperson Simon Crittle said, “Denver Health provides high-quality medical care to thousands of inmates every year”.

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