Desperate British house seekers sleep on the street for 9 nights to purchase homes

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In the UK there is a run on affordable owner-occupied homes.

In Rochdale, England, close to Manchester, people have been camping on the sidewalk in front of a real estate agent’s office for days.

The system of “First come, first serve” made some people “camp” for almost a week and a half in the hope of being able to buy a new home to be built.

The British company Gleeson Homes profiles itself as a kind of Ryanair among home builders.

They build and sell the homes themselves, which are often priced lower than the average home in the UK.

A new project of the house discounter is so popular that desperate house seekers have queued their cars in front of the company door.

The hopeful British are helped by family members, they alternate in shifts.

For example, food and sleeping gear are brought by family members to make staying on the sidewalk a bit more pleasant.

To determine who first put his or her car on the sidewalk in front of the construction company, the house seekers have stuck papers on the windows with a number.

image (c) Manchester Evening News

Price still unknown

It is remarkable that home seekers do not even know exactly how expensive the homes are.

Sources told the Manchester Post that a three-bedroom home would cost about £160,000 .

The campers also do not know how long they have to wait in line.

A woman who already spent three nights in her car on the sidewalk in front of the company tells Manchester Evening News that it is unclear when the houses will actually go on sale.

“It’s going to be next week or the week after. They are not telling us when they will be released.”

The waiting woman is not satisfied with the procedure by which the houses are raffled.

“Honestly, it’s the worst procedure. Why don’t they just release all the houses so people can come and reserve a plot they want rather than people queueing up in a car? It’s just a ridiculous process.”

The woman also claimed she has heard of another woman who slept on the street for nine nights in order to purchase a home.

The company that builds and sells the homes, Gleeson Homes, says it has previously tried to sell the homes differently, but it didn’t work out that way.

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