Disappearances and killings of thousands of native Canadian women is “genocide”

native canadian women genocide

The women of the indigenous community in Canada who have been killed or missing in recent decades have fallen victim to a “Canadian genocide.”

According to the Canadian public broadcaster CBC, this is apparent from a report by a commission of inquiry.

Officially, the report will only be published on Monday.

The Canadian government had announced at the end of 2015 that a national investigation would be launched into the violence against women of the indigenous community.

The national police were in possession of 1,200 files of killed or missing women, mainly from the Métis and Inuit community, since 1980.

But perhaps the number of victims is actually much higher.

According to CBC, research shows that the excessive violence against women can be labeled as a “genocide”.

“The fact that (…) the Inuit and Métis communities are still there and that their population is increasing should not be a reason to detract from the accusation of genocide,” the report says.

“Although the Canadian genocide targets all indigenous populations, it appears that especially women, girls, are affected,” the Canadian broadcaster quotes the report.

In addition, it is also charged that “Canadian society shows a sad indifference” to the violence.

It is not clear how many women were victims of the violence.

Some estimates refer to four thousand victims, but according to the report, the actual number is “impossible to determine.”

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