DJI’s new release gives GoPro a run for their money


In 2014, GoPro and DJI were teamed up with a common goal in mind. Their primary focus was creating a drone that could adequately capture athletes in their natural environment. The companies went their separate ways as their focus was on slightly different markets. GoPro’s drone, Karma, was not the success they had hoped it would be. It was recalled just 16 days after its release due to battery problems. Meanwhile, DJI was flourishing. Their Mavic Pro turned out to be a groundbreaking aspect of the droning world.

Recently however, DJI has started looking into the action camera market, a territory that GoPro is known for dominating. They’re not the only company to have ever gone up against GoPro, but with their new product, they seem to have a pretty solid position. Although its appearance is similar to that of a GoPro, the Osmo Action brings unique features to the action camera segment.

Pros and cons

The dual screen concept creates a freedom element that gives you a lot more flexibility. You can shift between the front and back screen whilst you’re still recording, but the front screen is unfortunately not touch activated. You can also take snapshots while you record, once again giving you a deeper range of technique. It can start up and begin recording in less than two seconds, although you obviously miss those few seconds of recording time while it’s powering up. In addition to the 4K video at 60 frames per second and the 12 megapixel pictures, the Osmo Action has a variety of other great attributes. Along with 8x slow motion and time lapse options, you can de-warp your videos to eliminate that fisheye effect. Another downfall however, is that the high definition recording and the electronic image stabilization can’t operate simultaneously.

The Osmo Action is currently going for $349. While the retail cost of GoPro’s Hero7 Black is $399, on their site it is now priced at just $299, seemingly in expectation of the threatening Osmo Action.


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