Dog grooming industry in Nashville is booming

Dog grooming industry in Nashville is booming

If you have a dog or cat, you’ll know that grooming them and taking care of them is just as important as it would be for a person. In fact, we tend to pamper them even more than we do ourselves and others!

Nashville happens to be just full of great places that you can take your pet to pamper them at. Nashville Pet Salon happens to be one of these places that takes grooming and pampering over the top.

Looking to send your pet to the ultimate day spa? Nashville Pet Salon is perfect for you and your animal. One stylist and groomer at the salon is Paige Yancey, she grooms many animals at the salon. Her number one thing before grooming is always making sure the pet is relaxed.

“Put them in a calm quiet room, that kind of thing,” Yancey recommends. She suggests making sure that your pet is nice and relaxed at home as well before you begin anything if you prefer home grooming. “Maybe spend a few minutes not brushing them in the room, pet them and give kisses.” After making sure they feel good, then start brushing.

If your dog has a smooth coat, Yancey recommends using a rubber brush as it is much easier to brush them than it would be with a different kind. “It’s just rubber nodules that kind of help grip the dead hair from the healthy coat. It feels like a good massage to them.’ she says.

Most dogs experience lots of shedding too. Using a rubber brush helps to cut back on a lot of this. Less loose hair leads to less shedding, which is in turn great for both you and your home.

For dogs like poodles, the grooming and bathing process is different. Most people don’t know this though, A very large misconception that people have for dogs like this, is any type of coat that continues to grow is that you bathe them first like you would with your own hair, it’s not that way. You have to de-mat them first, then bathe them then re-brush them.” Yancey says.

Though it’s a little more work, we tend to go that extra mile when it comes to taking care of our animals so this shouldn’t be an issue for most. If it is, then there’s always the option of taking your animal to a groomer.

If you don’t have the time to take your pet to a salon though, you could call a mobile groomer. Cloud 9 is one of Nashville’s best mobile groomers you can book an appointment with.

Having a mobile groomer is perfect because it’s simple and easy. They bring the truck to your house and bring your animal inside. From in there, everything can be done.

The process of having a mobile groomer is much more easy for pets who dislike being out in public around other people or pets. It helps them to be alone with the groomer rather than surrounded by others. It’s also great for senior pets who have a harder time because of special needs they have.

Whatever method of grooming you prefer, it’s always best to make sure your pet is in their best health and that they’re well taken care of.

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