Dream prom dress turns into nightmare for 17-year-old girl

Dream prom dress turns into nightmare for 17-year-old girl

Shopping online for clothing, especially from stores that are located overseas, can always be risky because you never know what you are going to receive and whether you will get a refund.

Alyssa Houma, a schoolgirl from New Zealand, ordered a dress for $212.80 from Dreamy Dress online store for her school prom, but the dress she received had nothing to do with the product advertised in the fashion online store. The story of the schoolgirl was covered by several international media outlets which all concluded that that the company that sold the dress, simply deceives its customers.

The 17-year-old girl from New Zealand was skeptical about online purchases but decided to order the dress at the Dreamy Dress online store after doing some research.

Dreamy Dress, which seemed to be an NZ-based company, had good reviews and claimed they would customize the gown so it would fit her perfectly.

“I looked where they are based. It was said that this was a New Zealand website with a store in Mayapuri. I also looked at the reviews, and they all rated the dress at four out of five,” Alissa said in an interview with Stuff, stressing that even the customer reviews boasted about the good quality of the fabric and impeccable service.

According to the schoolgirl, she began to worry when the dress was not delivered to her at the promised time. Then Alyssa found out the tracking number after contacting the company and saw that the parcel was sent from China.

When it finally arrived she was devastated.

When the package arrived, I ripped it open and it was inside out but straight away I could see that the colour wasn’t right. When I turned it the right way, there are no words, I was so disappointed. The colour was completely wrong. When I put it on it was completely massive, it didn’t fit at all.

(c) Alyssa Houma

Alyssa sent a complaint to the company but they insisted that they customized the dress for her. They also did not offer a full refund but a mere 10% money back.

The whole ordeal left the schoolgirl from NZ devastated, but she hopes that her terrible shopping experience can be a lesson to others.

I would tell others to be very careful. I wouldn’t want people to go through what I have been through. There has been so much stress as I have tried to find something that made me as excited as I was when I ordered that dress. I would tell others to learn from my experience and go in-store, to a boutique, is the best option.

So when you are shopping online for clothes, make sure that you do your research first. Especially when it comes to Chinese retailers you should be wary. Many buyers only read the customer reviews but they can be faked easily. Instead, it is recommended to check for reviews on 3rd party consumer websites first. For example, when checking TBDress reviews at pissedconsumer.com, most often people would complain about horrible customer service, poor quality and not being able to receive a refund.


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