Environmentalist group causes disarray in UK cities


The environmental group, Extinction Rebellion, has displayed protests in nearly half a dozen cities in the United Kingdom. The activists are demanding more government involvement in the fight against the climate crisis. Protests in London, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow, and Bristol resulted in traffic disorder in different areas of the cities. 

Demonstrations in each of the cities are oriented around varying environmental issues: wildfires, increasing sea levels, flooding, crop failure, and severe weather conditions. Extinction Rebellion says that over 3,000 activists throughout the country have joined the movement to engage in acts of civil disobedience; roughly a third of these activists are in London. The activist group has set up big coloured boats in each of the areas displaying the message “Act Now”.

Net zero emissions by 2025

The group is calling for the United Kingdom government to decrease the ecological damage being done by aiming for net zero emissions by 2025. According to Extinction Rebellion, environmentalists will perform “creative acts of civil disobedience” until this is achieved. The acts will include blocking roadways and hosting educational workshops. London activists have said that they’ll be keeping up the demonstrations for the rest of the week.

Over a dozen police vans attended the crowd at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, where approximately 250 demonstrators obstructed the Strand. An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson stated, “After April, parliament declared an environmental emergency, but no action has been taken on this, so we’re here to remind them that actions speak louder than words.”

According to the environmental group, the Royal Courts of Justice were chosen after it was revealed that over 1,000 activists who took part in April’s protests were facing prosecution. The group created disorder in several cities over 11 days of demonstrations that is thought to be the largest act of civil disobedience in latter-day British history. “We’re here in solidarity with them and climate activists all over the world who are putting their lives on the line for climate justice,” said the group’s spokesperson.

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